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Do you want to cope better with difficulties in your relatioships? Are you looking for ways to adjust after moving to a foreign country? Do you want to work on your personal growth? Do you want to enjoy life more? Do you need help understanding what your problem is? Do you feel you could profit from a private consultation to explore any of the above?

  • Individual consulting and psychotherapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family and relationship therapy
  • Coaching
  • Teamwork facilitation and team development

Methods and approaches I use for working with my clients:

  • Dynamic psychotherapy
  • Body and breath work
  • Relaxation, imagination
  • Solution oriented coaching
  • Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor - PBSP

Crisis intervention

... is a quick and short-time support aimed at coping with demanding situations. It is aimed at assessing current situation, realizing and containing one's emotions, getting broader perspective, finding orientation in relationships and a strategy for going on. It mostly takes part in one to three sessions, often in short time. It can be followed by further counseling or therapy.

Family and relationship therapy

Relationships are the very basis of our lives. A great part of life's joy comes from and through relationships. However, relationships can also bring troubles and pain. Difficulties in relationships often result from what partners do not feel comfortable communicating about, differing or unshared expectations, conceptions and habits. We are looking for a way to talk about topics that may not have been not addressed before, to talk about difficulties and differing attitudes in a way that would not bring us further apart, but allow us to enjoy time spent together. To work on ourselves together and side by side. Often we are finding new levels of relationships and love within ourselves and with others. In this type of counseling and therapy we are treating the relations between the two people, not each other.

This type of counseling can be done in a single session, however more often it consists of several sessions in two or three weeks intervals with the couple or individually.

Individual consulting and psychotherapy

... is for those who feel the need for change in their lives, who want support during a life crisis and are looking to find new sources of joy and happiness. It can be of benefit both during a life crisis as well as for personal growth and development, resulting in a deeper understanding of oneself and deepening of one's relationships with others.

According to needs of my clients, I cooperate with them one of three ways:

Life coaching, aimed at development in specific life areas. Dynamic psychotherapy aimed at working with personal history and its influence on current life situations. And PBSP method, a systematic way of working with personal themes, body, emotions and mind


Since 90s I offer professional and development coaching. Coaching is a very effective method of development that supports personal and professional performance and growth, as well as the acquisition and advance of life skills. The goal of coaching is ultimately to increase one's satisfaction and enjoyment out of work and life. Coaching is an excellent way for the improvement of our ability to learn from our experiences.

The Coach acts as a guide and supports the coachee during his or her own reflection of their thoughts and attitudes, facilitating solution finding. Focusing on the acquisition of tools together with the growth process, assists individuals in decisions making and enactment of intentions. This process is very useful during preparations for and the evaluation of important transitions and life events.Coach is acting as a guide and support of the coachee during his or her own reflection of activities, thoughts and attitudes, solutions finding, decisions making and preparations for and evaluation of important events.